Cloud  Services


Mediasters provides expert strategy towards enterprise cloud enablement. Simplified SaaS provider helps in SOA integration enabling enterprises to shift their IT Systems center of excellence from on-premises to cloud.

  • Streamlined SalesForce and other SaaS provider integration into enterprise systems
  • IoT and edge connectivity systems architecture
  • Mobile and Social connectivity and process integration

Our proven expertise is exhibited in following technologies:

  • SAG webMethods CloudStreams
  • SAG webMethods Integration Live

Mediasters provides technologically superior and commercially viable cloud services combined with strategic consulting to leverage IT services of varied businesses. Our industry experts implement strategic transformation of technologies and business processes ensuring a perfect blend of improved agility, reduced cost and greater ROI.

Our support partners offer leading trends of Cloud Services having core competencies in information technology, networking, telecommunication systems, data storage, and applications. A unique blend of first class infrastructure, business acumen, and technical expertise characterizes our team of expert developers who design effective future-ready solutions for customers’ technical needs.

Hosting world-class business websites or email on cloud transcends to a higher level with our advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure and comprehensive knowledge of technical experts. Our services are designed to optimize uptime, increase security, and improve performance.

By leveraging the software-as-a service (SaaS) model, small and midsize enterprises can dramatically accelerate time to value. Our cloud-based solutions offer minimal disruption and reduce the risk and complexity preventing you from changing gears when growth opportunities lie ahead.

  • Thorough evaluation of products and applications for Cloud
  • Deployment of software products development on Cloud
  • Widget realization and device abstraction

We believe world–class business technology, if professionally managed, reduces operational costs. Hence our team strives to help customers with high-quality solutions like:

  • Customized plans and configurations
  • Immediate deployment of cloud services
  • All-inclusive innovative trends of cloud hosting
  • No maintenance costs
  • Full-time, professional, industry experts

We all know that aligning your organization around your customer is now more important than ever. You can harness the power of the end-to-end enterprise, along with deep customer insight and personalized engagement to stand out from the competition and deliver a relevant experience at every step of your customer’s journey by equipping your front line to customer teams, namely, marketing, sales and customer service teams with SAP Cloud for Customer to win with today’s empowered customers.
SAP Cloud for Customer Solution has the following three independently licensed products:

  • SAP Cloud for Sales
  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • SAP Cloud for Social Engagement
  • SAP Cloud for Marketing

Cloud Offerings Include:

  • Cloud for Customer
  • Cloud for Travel
  • Cloud for People
  • HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • HANA Cloud Platform
  • System and network administration
  • Cloud security and firewalls
  • Diagnostics and updates
  • Availability and event monitoring
  • Syslog reporting
  • Hardware upgrades

When you are ready to extend your business horizons, we are by your side to implement global business experience to work on your behalf across boundaries to build new relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.

Mediasters is the supreme consulting partner of Amazon Web Services amongst the only 27 partners worldwide. We hold a rich history of developing prime solutions on AWS, offering unparalleled service and supporting a large number of clients to run their applications on top of AWS.

MS Azure

Mediasters has a robust Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure that is comprehensively rich in discovering new levels of entrepreneurial cloud capabilities.

Mediasters Advantages:

  • Team of proficient and seasoned MS Azure and AWS certified professionals
  • Structured process to execute IT operations
  • High quality deliverables to achieve business goals
  • Capability to foresee and act in the manner that is in-sync with the dashboard and report framework.
  • In-depth analysis of current IT infrastructure of businesses
  • Designing trendsetting cloud services, applications, migration & infrastructure
  • High-quality aggregation, integration, and deployment of cloud services
  • Efficient management of cloud and virtual servers
  • High-availability clustering